Startup Pitches

08 Jun 2017
15:30 - 16:45
Main Stage

Startup Pitches

Meet innovators and entrepreneurs who are not only exploring the potential of wearables, but actually coming up with real life products and business ideas. They will pitch their projects in front of investors and our festival audience.

Three examples on projects you can expect to meet at Wear It:


Skarabeos offers you a secured bag to avoid theft and loss.
Many of us carry mobile devices and personal belongings in a bag, and of course nobody of us wants to loose these things. Skarabeos offers you a secured bag, which helps you avoiding theft and loss. Our bags are equipped with an innovative security system, which is integrated invisibly. The system includes smart sensors and is connected with your phone or your watch. It is easy to use, safe and highly energy efficient. Skarabeos is your personal wearable security assistant, which will help you to be more safe, when you commute or travel.


Transform your wristwatch into a smart device

Wotch is a team of passionate watch lovers. From day one, we focused on taking advantage of smartwatch functionalities by integrating them seamlessly into the classic wrist watch. Our first product is the Wotch E-Strap with fitness functions, NFC payment and notifications. You can keep your existing wrist watch with all that it means to you and still benefit from the functionalities of a smartwatch.

Wear Health

Machine Learning and Context Awareness for Health
Artificial Intelligence that actively learns on behalf of its user
Health issues are developping fast and the health care system is not able to cope with the imbalance between health experts and patients. The solution is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The AI-driven platform learns from health experts and data from wearables to empower the Personal Health Assistance (PHA). The PHA takes sensor data from anywhere at any time and makes magic.