Wear It Origins

In 2013 a bunch of makers and designers came together to create something new and to follow their passion. The result was an artist collective named Trafo Pop which set a new trend by cycling around Berlin dressed in self-made LED biker jackets. Among them: Thomas Gnahm who started Wear It Festival in 2014. Ever since he has established a wearable community meetup group of over 900 members within Berlin. The community frequently meets at different hosts and venues.

Today Wear It Berlin has a lot to offer! Besides the Wear It Festival we organize the Fashion Hack Day as a satellite event which is the first and only fashion hackathon in the world. Within 48 hours the international avant-garde of the design and technology industry is establishing groundbreaking concepts and prototypes. 

Wear It Hub

Last year we founded the Wear It Hub innovation network with the goal to finally bridge the gaps in between fashion, lifestyle and technologies. The network connects international companies, agencies and creatives with the aim to foster new products for a rapidly growing market. The hub is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The Network will be kicked off during the festival.

Initial partners of the Wear It Hub Innovation Network


Thomas Gnahm
Founder Wear It Berlin
Nathalie Krüger
Creative Technologist
Tatjana Schiller
Research & Strategy

Wear It Berlin Agency

We offer professional services for business clients such as advertising agencies, brands and companies. Our client list includes: Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, E.On, Smirnoff Wodka, UNIQLO, Munich Fabric Start and many more. Selected projects:

Desperados Bass Drop

The worlds first fashiontech happening in zero gravitiy. Learn more

E.On Fascination Biathlon

Mobile World Congress for Deutsche Telekom AG 

Wear It Festival 2017 Ambassadors

Jeremy Abbett

Creative Evangelist

Tracy Rolling

Freelance Tech Maker

Kristin Neidlinger

Futures and Biomedia Designer at Sensoree

Marina Toeters

Design & Research in Fashion Technolgy

Anne Farren

Curtin Uni (Australia)

Ricardo O’Nascimento

artist and fusionist designer, Popkalab

Max Gilgenmann

Sustainable strategies for responsible innovation

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