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From young and uprising designers to hidden champignons to in depth experts that are pushing research and development you will be able to attend a brought speakers program. We are proud of presenting the brightest minds on two stages this year!

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Day 1
19 Jun 2018

The Business of Imagination, Opening Minds & Shaping Fashion

An overview of the trends in wearable tech industry, focusing on Fashion Tech and Fashion Tech products for women.
Muchaneta Kapfunde

Earthbeat – Feeling The World Around You

Moon Ribas goes into detail about her revolutionary projects, her philosophy as a “cyborg artist” and what drove her to co-found the Cyborg Foundation. Through cutting-edge technology – she has a sensory extension on her arm that allows her to feel earthquakes – Moon applies these brand new human senses to her artistic work. How will becoming cyborgs enhance our...
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Moon Ribas

behind the scenes of wearable tech

from idea to product – how to develope an innovative product for the mass market
Thomas Gnahm

Imagining a Battery and Charger-Free Future

What’s the number one reason consumers abandon wearables, and the biggest barrier to broader IoT deployment? Power. The good news: solutions are already on the market. Thermoelectric technology converts heat into electric power – it’s been used by NASA to power the Voyager spacecraft as well as the Curiosity Mars rover. And thermal power can be harvested and delivered anywhere...
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Nicole Cifani

Women In Tech – Ignite Talks

Wear It Festival welcomes women from any tech-based industry. Our Women In Tech sessions will help female entrepreneurs or professionals explore new opportunities, ideas and collaborations - it’ll be truly meaningful networking!
Edwina Huang
Sabine Faller
Rachel Freire
Despina Papadopoulos
Muchaneta Kapfunde
Nicole Cifani
Susan Danziger
Sabine Engelhardt
Moon Ribas

Smart Textiles and Wearables – Design Considerations

Andreas Roepert is member of the scientific advisory boards at ITA (Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen) and TITV (Textile Institute of Thueringen-Vogtland), and participates as expert in the smart textiles working group CEN/TC 248/ WG 31 and as advisor for EC-funded projects.
Andreas Roepert

What Will The Nerds Be Wearing Tomorrow?

Where are wearables at? This session will dig into wearable technology’s very latest trends and discuss their impact on the way we interact with digital technology in the near – and far – future.
Paul Lukowicz

Women In Tech – Power Circles

In 2018, Wear It Festival welcomes women from any tech-based industry. Our Women In Tech sessions will help female entrepreneurs or professionals explore new opportunities, ideas and collaborations – it’ll be truly meaningful networking! Our power circles will divide selected participants into small groups, and through open roundtable sessions, attendees can discuss their industry’s challenges and needs – and share...
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Muchaneta Kapfunde
Susan Danziger

From Prototype to Product: How to Release Your Wearable In Just Three Months!

‚How did you bring your product to the market in such a short time?’, is a question that we are asked frequently not just by startups and investors. I will show and explain you our – not always common – approaches which even made some of our advisors change their perception of how fast complex hight-tech and high-quality IoT products...
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Sascha Buehrle

Future Revenue Streams For The Fashion Industry

When fashion brands transforms into content providers they will convert the consumers to users and give birth to new revenue streams and business models.
Fredrik Timour

Plug In At Work: Connecting Human Workers To The IoT

It doesn’t matter how many automated processes you put in: human workers are still the crucial part of the industrial process. There are some things robots simply cannot do – and wearable devices are an incredibly effective connection point between humans and systems.
Thomas Kirchner

Panel: The Quest For Compelling Use Cases

Wearables, Hearables, Nearables: the buzz around many of these promising technology categories is slowly fading out. When prototyping, bringing your product to market or scaling things up, many lessons are learned along the way – and now the time is right to start asking the right questions as you do it. Mano ten Napel explains how and why.   Host:...
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Despina Papadopoulos
Ben Cooper
Mano ten Napel

Worldwide Wearables: How Do You Internationalise Your Wearable Startup?

Today’s startups are thinking global from the very start. That is why Start Alliance facilitates quickly and cheaply testing out new markets in North America, Europe or Asia to effectively evaluate new opportunities. Are you a startup based in our partner cities? If so, this program could be for you. The Start Alliance is an exchange program created for those...
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Ana Arinio
Julia Krüger

Expanding our cognitive behaviour through Anomaly Detection Algorithms

Throughout history humans have been using sensory organs to detect threats and abnormal behaviour in a constantly changing environment. Our survival is dependent on it, so what impact will the technological development of wearables have on our very existence? With a widened spectrum of sensory inputs now available how can we use algorithms to be the added cognitive layer required...
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Avi Elran

WATIFY – Success Stories of Technological Transformation

WATIFY is a European Union initiative designed to help SMEs transform and adopt advanced technologies through awareness-raising campaigns. In this workshop, discover real examples of companies who have used WATIFY to transform their business using new technology.
Geta Rasciuc
Shirley Vollenberg

Good Vibes, Man: Become a Better Musician With Smart Music Wearables

Julian Vogels is a music technology engineer, IoT developer and co-founder of Hong Kong / Berlin startup Soundbrenner. He will give insights on how to improve your music skills with innovative wearables.
Julian Vogels

Startup Pitches

Meet the Innovators on Stage: Startups present themselves in a 3-minutes talk. • amisor GmbH (Raafat Hantoush, Co-Founder and Managing Director) • FilOS3D / FilOS materials GmbH (Cornelius Schmitt, CEO) • Funkelfetisch (Veit Nachtmann, Owner) • g-power (Ayaka Minami, EU Marketer) • lumind (Kevin Röhl, Founder) • ZyseMe (Oswin Krüger Ruiz, Business Operations)
Day 2
20 Jun 2018
09:55 - 10:00

Opening Remarks

WEAR – Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible Innovation

“WEAR is a two-year project that has been running for 18 months, funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation initiative to engage art, design and creative industries to work more closely with technology and engineering industries. It also aims to shift the development of the wearables and e-textile landscape towards a more sustainable and ethical approach. Through...
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Berit Greinke

Smart Inkjet Printing

High-speed direct inkjet printing technologies, nowadays offer opportunities in mass customization and flexible mass manufacturing. We optimize inks and inkjet processes for printing on textile. We use coloured inks for graphical applications or conductive and insulating inks for smart textiles applications. Furthermore, a robot-assisted inkjet printing system was developed to print onto 3D freeform objects like shoes. A specifical software...
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Julia Kastner

Human Agency in the Robotic World

From autonomous cars, smart homes, or even smart cities to wearable Tech: digital is conquering the physical world. In his talk, Alexander Mankowsky will discuss the design requirements needed to retain or enhance human agency when dealing with devices, using the autonomous car as an example.
Alexander Mankowsky

Embodied Interactions: Wearables, Ethics and Shaping Connections

In the past few years, exciting leaps and bounds have been made in creating materials that integrate electronics into wearable and e-textiles. Still, some persistent challenges remain – particularly in fully streamlining a fragmented supply chain. As a result, tech keeps taking the lead – pushing the expressive, embodied and meaningful application of it to the fringes. This talk explores...
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Despina Papadopoulos

Investors Meet Startups: Shape It Till You Break It!

This session is a cooperation of Wear It Berlin and Kreativwirtschaftsberatung Berlin Line Up: Rishi Patel (Managing Partner at Plus Eight Equity) Kiana Mardi (VC Investor at Alstin) Justin Lange (Co-Founder at Lynq) Nicole Cifani (Vice President at Matrix Indutries) Derk Marseille, Moderator (Head of Media at Tothem) The “Investors Meet Startups” Session will be discussing the most burning questions of the business:...
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Kiana Mardi
Derk Marseille
Justin Lange
Nicole Cifani
Rishi Patel

How Can We Establish Sustainable And Ethical Practices In Wearables Industries?

a group of experts share their insights of how to deal with these important topics.
Ivan Parati
Rachel Freire
Berit Greinke
Jacob Skinner
Yulia Silina
Elizabeth Bigger

Introducing WORTH Project

Flagship project of COSME Program by European Commission.
Piedad Rivas

Augmented Reality Applications For Industry And Other Branches

Potentials and limitations of Augmented Reality, examples of wearable AR equipment and applications
Prof.Carsten Busch

A Parka that heats itself – new Carbon Heating Technology

For the 15 years Swiss Cross anniversary collection “Strellson” created a stunning parka with a new super light heating technology. The system is made out of carbon with a special technology that keeps wearers warm at a constant 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.
Veronika Haerdl

Supercharge Next-Gen Wearables With Open Platforms

2017 brought a strange paradox. Many wearables brands saw declining sales – and some companies exited the market completely. Yet, at the same time, general interest in technology and the kind of personal data measuring that wearables bring is higher than ever. What’s behind this gap and how will technology platforms, ecosystems and open innovation bridge the gap? Terho Latinen...
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Terho Lahtinen

Beyond Gimmick: The Role of Aesthetics in Wearable Technology

The solution to advancing the fashion industry lays within the aesthetic approach in designing and manufacturing. Designer and inventor, Asher Levine, will use his works over the past decade to explore his philosophy on how an organic aesthetic provides a foundation for technology to thrive. From his runway collections, entertainment projects, and technology works, the designer will use these examples...
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Asher Levine

Ok Google, I Need a Dress for a Funeral

This talk explores the opportunities on how artificial intelligence can help us to find the right product at the right time, but also the challenges when it comes to privacy and security.
Petar Djekic

Panel: The Psychology Behind Effective Collaboration in Merging Industries

How are we tackling hurdles to allow effective (wearable) tech design collaborations? A discussion about creating long term strategy use cases while pinpointing the importance of awareness, when it comes to the speed of technology enhancements in an ever changing environment   Host: Mano ten Napel
Rachel Freire
Fredrik Timour
Mano ten Napel

Solo Talk

Dr. Amanda Parkes is a fashion technologist with over 12 years of experience in wearable technology, interaction design, smart materials and fashion innovation. She is the Chief Innovation Officer of FTL Ventures, a newly launched hybrid fund and experimental lab focused on sustainable technologies for the future of fashion. Her research focuses around smart textiles, digital fabrication, wearable electronics, fiber...
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Amanda Parkes

Watch Your Wearable: GDPR & the Data Your Smart Clothes Create

The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulations have now been implemented. So what are the most important legal obligations for manufacturers of smart clothes, many of which collect huge amounts of very personal data? How can these GDPR requirements be fulfilled in practice? What will the regulatory future hold for us? This talk will cover existing data policy plus the...
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Carlo Piltz

The Next Chapter of Body Worn Technology

The advent of “wearable tech” came in science-fiction, which sparked experimentation and research projects. We’ve witnessed the explosion of DIY and bespoke initiatives, to global awareness with devices like the Fitbit and Apple Watch. We’re now entering the next chapter of body-worn technology: a higher calling. Their value propositions must be compelling and scalable and deliver on the promise of...
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Ben Cooper

Value Sensitive Design For Early Childhood

Building unique connected experiences for young kids is not just the matter of fun. Screen devices and smart technology might have damaging impacts on development and wellbeing in early childhood. There are a lot of constrains beyond the security and privacy to consider for this delicate age. Design process starting from the human values can bring truly innovative and beautiful...
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Justyna Zubrycka

“Wearables that can translate your natural gestures into anything: is this the hardware of the future? “

Creativity, rehabilitation, VR: an analysis of what’s missing today for Wearable Technologies to radically change our lives.
Andrea Baldereschi

DO JUST ONE THING: The Power of Purpose-Built Technology

Building wearable hardware is hard, and it’s not surprising that managers frequently adopt established tech stacks as the basis for new products. But when application and UI decisions are made after core technology decisions are locked, the opportunity for holistic innovation and low-level optimization is lost. Justin Lange will provide an exclusive deep-dive into the development of their revolutionary “smart...
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Justin Lange

The Musical Brain

Your brain-waves can be turned into music, and it’s amazing. OK, that’s a bit simplistic – here’s the bigger picture: physiological processes in the brain create potential fluctuations that detectors on the head can pick up via electroencephalography (EEG). They can then be algorithmically identified so that strings of brain activities – your thoughts – can become different musical notes!...
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Olivia Haas
Ulf Schöneberg

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