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From young and uprising designers to hidden champignons to in depth experts that are pushing research and development you will be able to attend a brought speakers program. We are proud of presenting the brightest minds on two stages this year!

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Day 1
25 Jun 2019


Peter Bona

Startup Bootcamp

by De:FINE The Startup Show is the perfect place for startups to get together with investors and customers. The Masterclass sessions are designed to help startups in tech-based industries to accelerate their business, value and impact. Selected Startups can take part in in-depth mentoring sessions with investors, successful founders, top IoT talents, and communication wizards. You’ll be able to discuss...
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Hightech Luxury Clothing

Peter Bona is highly motivated in creating, developing and evolving wearable technologies concepts, considering his background of Professional Snowboarder, Electrotechnical Engineer, and more than 23 years in fashion design and research (FILA 2 years, Zegna 12 years, and Hugo Boss 4 years). He has started at a young age to develop and design garments, first as a professional athlete and...
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Peter Bona

The Art of Biosignals

Biosignal acquisition methods are still mostly bound to hospital and short-time data acquisition settings. Still, a paradigm shift is emerging, in which everyday technology is increasingly capable of measuring health data in a more pervasive manner. This is paving the way for systems that can better analyze and adapt to perceived changes in the health status or behavior of the...
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Hugo Plácido da Silva

Spacesuit for the AMADEE-18 Mars Simulation

Sophie Gruber is a board member at the Austrian Space Forum, where she works in the project management team for Mars analogue missions and several space research projects. She is currently finishing her graduate degree in Physics at the University of Innsbruck. Since 2017, she is Austria´s National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council. Sophie is also...
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Sophie Gruber

Digital Iris – Immerse the human being into the digital loop

Nils is an experienced founder and serial entrepreneur with a proven track record in information services, technology consultancy and in the automation industry. His deep tech company Viewpointsystem has invented the award-winning “Digital Iris” technology which uses the eyes as HMI. Making eye tracking applicable for mixed reality, Digital Iris creates an intuitive connection between man and machine. Viewpointsystem’s new...
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Nils Berger

Intrapreneurship, Wearables and Track Workers

How can a big corporate like Siemens innovate like a Startup? This talk focuses on the development of wearable technology for the rail industry. Lean, how Siemens used UX design and open innovation in the Berlin ecosystem to develop a testable MVP together with Wear It Berlin.
Philipp Wehn

Energizing The Wearable Industry

Andreas Warta is a Key Account Manager at VARTA Microbattery GmbH for rechargeable and primary battery systems in central- and eastern-Europe. Andreas has a long experience in electrical engineering starting from high-frequency technology, network technology, measurement systems (x-ray, near-infrared) and electronic components.
Andreas Warta

entrepreneurship, innovation and Sustainable Development

Rey leads the Airbus BizLab Campus in Hamburg, where he promotes entrepreneurship and innovation as well as their contribution to the Sustainable Development. Airbus BizLab is a global aerospace accelerator, where startups and Airbus intrapreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. Prior to setting up the innovation accelerator for Airbus in Hamburg, Rey worked on two...
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Rey Buckman

Future Challenges In The Wearable Tech Industry- A European Perspective

Andreas Lymberis is a physicist, post-graduated with a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and sciences (1990, Paris, France). He worked for more than 20 years as a researcher/engineer and R&D manager in biomedical technology and health telematics. In 1999 he joined the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium) as a scientific officer in eHealth where he initiated R&D activities on “smart wearable health...
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Andreas Lymberis

Blockchain Explored

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that will have an impact on literally every industry. Immutability, a single common state of information, shared and executable logic, and in a particular execution offering unlimited scalability, Blockchain brings many new features. However, since it is an infrastructure technology, it is rarely noticed. For this reason, it is important to think from the solution...
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Jannik Lockl

hardware and software for wearable development

Tony Olsson is an Interaction Designer that spent over a decade working and lecturing within the area of wearable design and researching telehaptic technology. He is a firm believer in the open source and DIY movement and has published multiple publications on the topic hardware and software for wearable development.
Tony Olsson

Worth Partnership Project & Re-FREAM

The two initiatives from the European Commission Will be presented. Both offer an opportunity for designers and start-ups to créate new and disruptive ideas.
Korina Molla

New Directions in Mobile Media and Performance

Camille Baker’s practice is focussed on Performance and Emerging Technologies, with emphasis on wearable technologies and mobile phones used as a performance tool and collaborator. Dr. Baker is a Reader in Interface and Interaction, in the School of Communication Design at the University for the Arts, Epsom, Surrey, UK. She was the initiator and one of the consortium partners’ principle...
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Camille Baker

Enhancing the human Perception

Using haptic user interfaces and a sufficient training period, our bodies are capable of interpreting almost any set of information we can imagine. Not being able to perceive the world around us is one of humanity’s biggest drivers of unhappiness. GHOST – feel its mission is to enable tier 1 companies to offer a haptic user interface to their customers...
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Laura Bücheler

Limitless Sportswear

Tim is the CEO and Founder at KYMIRA, a life-conscious technology company with the sole aim of enhancing people’s lives through innovation, blending technology and biology in perfect harmony to release the limitless potential of human ability. KYMIRA produces wearable products that react and interact with the human body using patented technology to convert heat into energy and information, enhances...
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Tim Brownstone

Networking Session Materials and Product Development

CREATING A NEW VALUE CHAIN Hands-on Session: Spacesuit Session In Seminar Room. It is not just the finished product that counts… it is all the steps in the redefined value chain, that need to be considered when creating the future. At Wear It, we put a light on these aspects and join experts from product development related areas to give...
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Andreas Warta
Jim McCann
Philipp Wehn
Peter Bona
Sophie Gruber
Alexander Lichti
Korina Molla
Wolfgang Huther
Georges Kotrotsios

Rapid Prototyping – Getting quick ideas for apps to level up your business

Why mobile apps matter. For what scenarios you can use apps and how Rapid App Prototyping can give you real value for your ideas, projects, and business.
Alexander Lichti

Building up a wearable tech lifestyle brand

Suzaan has spent the past 19 years working for various technology brands, leading & transforming Global marketing organizations, developing innovative product portfolio’s, driving digital transformation and creating consumer product experiences. Today she is a consultant, advisor & investor, working with various fitness, wellness, and fashion brands, intersecting with technology. She is also a tech columnist writer & keynote speaker/panelist.
Suzaan Sauerman

Do School and H&M Challenge

We founded the H&M Laboratory Germany in January 2018 to work on disruptive innovations. We are looking for interesting ideas and partners to collaborate and define the future of retail while closing the loop in a sustainable fashion. The Startup Show is the perfect place for startups to get together with investors and customers. The Masterclass sessions are designed to...
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Brad Richards
Oliver Lange

Eye Pressure Measurement System

Max is co-founder and CEO of Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH. He has extensive experience in the commercial development of technologically advanced products, in building operational capabilities for aggressively growing companies and in creating businesses, attracting potential acquirers in the global market. As a serial entrepreneur, he was founder and CEO of a German medical device start-up, developing a new to...
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Max Ostermeier

The Sportstech Ecosystem Overview, Facts and Figures

Benjamin is a SportsTech expert who is providing the world with data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem. He has been working as a Management Consultant and Strategy Expert for large corporations before joining the startup community in various positions. He lived and worked in Budapest, Cologne, Malmö and New York and is now based in Berlin...
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Benjamin Penkert

Berlin Startup Ecosystem

Business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin – this is the Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH mission. With customized services and an excellent science and research network, our many experts provide an outstanding range of programs to help companies launch, innovate, expand and secure their economic future in Berlin. Our Start Alliance forms...
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Julia Krüger

Investors panel

Get to meet our participants in investors panel: Lead – Nathalie Sonne (Head of Accelerator at leAD Sports) Nathalie Sonne Airbus BizLab – Rey Buckman (Campus Leader at Airbus BizLab Hamburg) Rey Buckman Brinc – Bryony Cooper (Managing Partner at Arkley Brinc VC) Bryony Cooper Samsung NEXT – Jakob Fricke (Director Platform, Europe) Jakob Fricke Moderator: Thomas Gnahm (CEO Wear...
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Day 2
26 Jun 2019


Thomas Gnahm is the founder and CEO of Wear It Berlin, an agency for wearable electronics and digital innovation. He brings in experience in startup coaching and user experience design. Since 2013 in the business of fashiontech. Mentor for the EU Worth project. Founder of the internationally renowned “Wear It Festival” (2014) and the world’s first “Fashion Hack Day” (2016)...
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Rishi Patel

Recovery made simple

Camil Moldoveanu is a serial IT entrepreneur and former professional athlete. He founded his first company, an IT outsourcing company in 2006. During the same time, Camil was competing as a professional athlete. During his career as an athlete, he won four World and six European Championships. In 2015 Camil was injured during the final of the World Championship. After...
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Camil Moldoveanu

UX and Digital assistance Designe

Language is the most natural interface for humans. And in moments when we don’t have a free hand, it’s also the most practical. The moment we interact with a voice interface, we automatically interpret a character behind this voice. What possibilities do we have to design such virtual personalities in such a way that they match the product or brand?
Wolfgang Huther

Pioneering Sports-Wearables

This presentation will share a brief intro into the origins of Polar and how the very first digital heart rate monitor was born. From there we will look back through the last 40 years of wearables tech evolution that will help to inform where the category is heading. We will then drill down into one of the very new examples...
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Marco Suvilaakso

Making sense of hearing

Hearing is a sense that is incredibly valuable. It’s one that is worth protecting but is also a bit more complex than is normally considered. We’ll take a short deep-dive into how hearing works, what that means in terms of products and what other opportunities there are for innovation.
Guido Knook

Smart textile innovations

This presentation will give an overview of the new paradigm of electrodes. Furthermore, it presents advantages of the ‘new’ electrodes as well as it gives an introduction of the range of applications and products suitable. Due to its great wearing comfort in comparison to standard electrodes, textile electrodes play more and more an important role within a variety of medical...
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Britta Moritzer

Enabling Digital Innovations

Why is Digital Innovation Happening now? What are the drivers of digital innovations? Some examples of digital innovations.
Michael Sahnau

Making things work

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – ANTELOPE.SPORTSWEAR increases training efficiency. This athletic clothing of the future is a combination of premium sportswear and wearable technology. ANTELOPE is composed of compression sportswear with integrated electrodes, a smartphone-sized power device, as well as an app to control the whole system. Muscle contractions during training are strengthened through external electrical impulses, increasing the intensity...
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Philipp G. Schwarz

Assigned to assist: Why Robots are not here to steal you job

Modern automation systems are human-centric following the overall objective of supporting humans within their work & daily lives. The talk is about robotic support in industrial environments and highlights the significance of natural interaction technologies. Emphasis is on spatial interfaces including gesture control and Augmented Reality for workplaces of the future.
Jens Lambrecht

Launching a Fashion Tech Brand/Product to consumers and tapping into a lifestyle

Seetal Fatania, Brand & Marketing aficionado turned Entrepreneur & Founder of Fifth & Blue – the go-to platform for Stylish Smart Tech under one roof. For the last 15 years, Seetal has worked with multiple FTSE companies within the Financial, Retail, Telecoms and more recently Fashion Tech industry. Her strength and passion include developing and launching great brands and products...
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Seetal Fatania

SmartSuit Pro Live demo

As co-founder of Rokoko, Matias identified a clear market need for more accessible mocap believing creatives around the world should not be disadvantaged only based on space and money. With this mindset, Matias helped create Rokoko’s SmartSuit Pro, an accessible sensor-based motion capture suit that seamlessly captures live-action human movement in real-time to support pre-visualization and 3D character animation for...
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Matias Søndergaard

Making Sense of Motion

Benoit is an engineer from Supélec Paris and Ph.D. from EPFL, with 10+ years in movement science, wearable sensor technology, and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and CEO at Gait Up, delivering unmatched motion sensing products, which he successfully scaled up and lead to the acquisition by unicorn MindMaze in 2017.
Benoit Mariani

Paradigm Change in the Textile Industry

Holding a Bachelor degree in ‘business administration’ and a Masters degree in ‘sustainability in fashion’ Carolin Klipper is Head of Consulting at hessnatur Stiftung. The institute specializes in sustainability consulting in the fashion and textile industry.
Carolin Klipper

The Future of 3D Knitting Design

Knitting machines are wonderfully flexible fabrication tools that, with sufficient programming expertise, can be used to create sensing and actuated fabrics. In my lab at Carnegie Mellon University, we are building tools to allow everyone to design for these machines. These include our simple, low-level, universal knitting machine language (knitout) and advanced CAD tools for working with 3D forms (autoknit,...
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Jim McCann

the potential of bio material and sustainable production technologies

Aniela Hoitink studied fashion design at the HKU in Utrecht and worked for many years as a fashion designer (Tommy Hilfiger a.o.). In 2004 she founded NEFFA to focus on fashion innovation. Working on the crossover of textile, technology, and microbiology. Hoitink develops innovative personalized fashion and textile concepts. In 2018 she won the Global Change Award for MycoTEX. MycoTEX...
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Aniela Hoitink

Biogenic dyes – an interesting alternative to synthetic dyes.

Karin Fleck holds a PhD in Applied Chemistry from the RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. She pursued a career in the oil and energy business before discovering the life of an entrepreneur. She runs her own energy consulting business and the Vienna Textile Lab.
Karin Fleck

Pushing the limits of Wearable Technology

Dr. Jacob Skinner is a product development expert, who works with people and technology to create user-driven products that offer real value. Especially passionate about wellbeing, health, and social impact projects, he works across disciplines to solve technical challenges in wearable technology and the wider IoT space. Alongside Dave Sandbach, he is the driving force behind Thrive Wearables, the design...
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Dr. Jacob Skinner

Is sustainability relevant to the jewelry industry and can it create an added value?

Danielle Keller Aviram is a sustainable jewelry and fashion researcher, consultant lecturer and designer. She graduated an M.A focusing on sustainability in fashion at AMD Berlin after doing her B.A in jewelry and accessories design in “Shenkar” Tel Aviv and having her own international fine jewelry brand operating for 5 years. At some point, she started questioning as a designer...
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Danielle Keller Aviram

in-ear vital signs monitoring for sports, medicine and workers safety

Dr Johannes Kreuzer studied electronic engineering at the Technical University of Munich from 2000-2005. The topic of his PhD was vital signs monitoring in daily life. During his university time and later, he worked for companies like Epcos, EADS, Airbus, Daimler, and Pilatus. Together with Greta, he founded the company cosinuss° end of 2011. cosinuss° is a technology company based...
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Dr. Johannes Kreuzer

Evolution in Design in 5 Transformative Stages

In this presentation, Drew will discuss how the evolution of design –in 5 stages– transformed his creative journey as he progressed from a design & engineering student to a startup CEO. His journey is full of wearable designs both analog and digital. After graduating in engineering, Drew began working in motorsports, learning how to problem solve in high-pressure situations. He...
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Drew Henson

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