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Wear It Festival´s networking session offer a great opportunity to meet people that are offering answers to your questions, searching for solutions that you offfer or simply are driven by the same motivation as you! 

Join these entertaining sessions and make meaningful connections.

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Networking Events

Day 1
25 Jun 2019

Women in Tech Sessions

Please visit the official landing page for the Women in Tech Sessions here: Summary Wear It Innovation Summit welcomes women from any tech-based industry. Our Women In Tech sessions will help female entrepreneurs or professionals explore new opportunities, ideas and collaborations – it’ll be truly meaningful networking! Are you one of the wonder women we’re looking for? Designers, project/social media...
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Sophie Gruber
Seetal Fatania
Korina Molla
Danielle Keller Aviram
Laura Bücheler
Karin Fleck
Julia Krüger
Mali Baum
Suzaan Sauerman
Aniela Hoitink
Camille Baker

Industrial and safety sessions

Hands-on session by Wear It Berlin and Siemens IoT is already playing a huge role in the work environment. We join experts to look at the pros and cons of the IoT integration and analyze the incredible potential that industrial 4.0 products can bring to the employees, companies and to the efficiency in the workspace. Which existing products can optimize...
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Philipp Wehn
Nils Berger
Jens Lambrecht
Benoit Mariani
Day 2
26 Jun 2019

Networking Session: Medical Disruption

The future of health The potential use of future health care devices is endless and creates a huge market within the wearable industry. At Wear It, we engage top speakers from fields of health-focused software and hardware developers, as well as medical institutions and creators of unique wearable products.
Laura Bücheler
Thomas Dietrich
Camil Moldoveanu
Hugo Plácido da Silva

Networking Sessions Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Fitness, leisure and products for every day Wearables tech has grown to be a big part of people’s lifestyle. Whether concerning fitness, wellbeing, meditation, music and entertainment industry or other hobbies, integrated wearables in smart watches, clothing and sensors have become a huge market and an easily adaptable product for consumers to connect to their life.
Philipp G. Schwarz
Tim Brownstone
Seetal Fatania
Kayvan Mirza
Suzaan Sauerman
Camille Baker
Benoit Mariani

World Café: Circular product design for Wearables

Beneficial Design Institute and Fraunhofer IZM will together host an inspiring hands-on workshop for ‘Beneficial and Circular Wearable design’ in order to showcase solutions for products with positive impact. Beneficial products aim to set a new standard for quality, innovation and beauty by healthy materials and intelligent design strategies. Cradle to Cradle philosophy and Circular Economy system thinking serves as...
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Friederike Fröbel
Max Marwede
Ida Urmas

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