Inna Armstrong

Vice President - Strategic Development at CleverBooks

Inna Armstrong

Vice President - Strategic Development at CleverBooks


Inna Armstrong is a senior executive professional with multinational experience in different countries of the world, Co-Founder and VP of International Strategic development at CleverBooks. Inna has a strong understanding of different cultures and the challenges companies face emerging in the international markets. Background in the international education provides Inna with the insights of delivering high quality educational solutions powered by most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world to help kids acquire necessary for the 21st- century skills.

Empowering Learning Through Augmented Reality

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“Empowering Learning Through AR” – kids immerse in learning when school subjects come to “Life”. The topic is focused on disrupting the education sector helping it to move from the analog age to complying with kids 21st century learning demands by adopting most innovative AR technology.

Inna will explore the technology in education and its influence on the future of the kids with the focus on AR. There is an information on the importance of the use of emerging technologies for education as one the main steps to move education from analog age and catch up with industry revolution 4.0.

In 2018 this topic is presented around the world at over 20 events: EdTechX, Dublin Tech Summit, KNect 365, AR/VR Summit, Global Female Leaders’ Summit, Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, ASU GSV Summit, Women of Silicon Roundabout, Abu Dhai International Book Fair, Ada Lovelace Festival, 3rd European Conference on iPads in the Classroom, Innovative Schools Summit, Beyond IoT, DoJo Conferenc and other.

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