The Future of Performance and Protective Clothing

Work, play, study and rest define our life. Wear It Innovation Summit gives an overview of the current market situation & links experts to finding new solutions for a better quality of life. The fast developing market of wearable technologies has vast potential to deliver essential information and real time data through smartwatches, sensors and special clothes, thereby enabling a higher life quality.


  • Performance Tracking

  • AI Based Training

  • Gaming Industry & AI

  • Workplace Wearables

  • Protective Wear

  • Smart Fashion

  • Product Innovation in Sports Wear

  • Product Conception for Emerging Markets

Attendees from Sports, Safety & Lifestyle Sector

  • Sports Training Computer & Equipment Manufacturers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Heavy Industry
  • Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT)
  • Outdoor Recreation Equipment Developers & Manufacturers
  • Government Policy Makers
  • Researchers and Innovation Programs 
  • Virtual Reality,  Augmented Reality & Game Developers
  • Smart Fashion Designers

Benefits for Performance Solution Providers

  • Formal & informal networking: Network face to face with the world’s top executives, discuss and debate strategies with your peers and most knowledgeable experts in the wearable field, and rapidly build a network of new business relationships.

  • Obtain exclusive access to the senior delegation in the areas of MedTech, Hospitals, Healthcare institutions & Influences/Insiders.

  • Participate in 45min industry focused Masterclasses with preselected MedTech/Healthcare professionals in focus groups with a max cap 10 attendees.


Benefits for Performance Solution Providers

  • Key industry insight: Attend cutting-edge wearable conference sessions, obtain access to unique wearable Tech & Trends expertise and take away new solutions to your day-to-day business challenges.
  • Present Your Product: Connect with leading wearable solution and service providers to solve your most pressing product design, innovation & R&D challenges.

  • Share your wishlist prospect list with our event Manager to arrange a meeting.


“We are making a glove which offers perfect dexterity, perfect impact control and protection. At Wear It Innovation we made some great leads, (…) for future collaborations, [and] in material science a lot of great contacts.”

CrossGuard, Pioneers in hand protection technology

“We are visiting Wear It Innovation Summit because we can see that there are a lot of companies that are also operating within this space with very innovative ideas and interesting opportunities and discussions about potential partnering or other types of solutions that are in the market place- so it helps us to have a better overall understanding of what’s going on on the market place.”

Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar Electro Oy

Recent contributors

Previous Speakers

Peter Bona

Head of Design at HUGO BOSS AG

Oliver Lange

Head of Lab Germany at H&M Laboratory Germany

Benjamin Penkert

Founder at SportsTechX

Benoit Mariani

Founder & CEO at Gait Up SA

Drew Henson

CEO & Founder at SEAM Technic

Sophie Gruber

Board Member at Austrian Space Forum

Dr. Johannes Kreuzer

CEO at cosinuss°

Brad Richards

Head of Innovation at DO School Innovation Lab GmbH

Philipp G. Schwarz

Founder at GLUCE GmbH

Dr. Jacob Skinner

CEO at Thrive Wearables

Philipp Wehn

Digital Innovation Manager at Siemens Mobility GmbH.

Tim Brownstone

CEO and Founder at KYMIRA

Seetal Fatania

Founder at Fifth & Blue

Jens Lambrecht

Managing Director at GESTALT Robotics

Kayvan Mirza

CEO and Co-Founder at Optinvent

Marco Suvilaakso

Chief Strategy Office at Polar

Suzaan Sauerman

Founder of Lifestyle Technology

Camille Baker

Lecturer at University for the Creative Arts

Andreas Lanyi

VP Digital Unit & IoT at Lunative Laboratories GmbH

Thomas Gnahm

Founder of Wear It Berlin

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